Opening up to Open Source - Part 1


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What this series of blogs is about:

  • My experience of volunteering for an open source organization;
  • Things I wish I knew before I started my open source journey as a student;
  • Tutorials about how to go about creating your first patch.

What this series of blogs is NOT about:

  • A general introduction to the open source world. There already exist definitive and well-written guides out there on the internet concerning the same. If that is what you’re looking for, here is the link to GitHub’s guide on contributing to open source projects which I found to be particularly short, sweet and to the point;
  • Unicorns.

The Beginning

The toughest part of contributing to open source projects is getting the ball rolling; it’s not easy for a newbie to build software from source and to get accustomed to large and abstracted codebases that accompany.